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  • Proof for the Cancer-Fungus Connection

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    It's been said that cancer is a fungus. If so, then the cure should be as simple as pH correction with baking soda, the same remedy to remove fungus from plants. While the verdict is still out that cancer is a fungus, here is indisputable proof that some common fungi, found in foods and certain pharmaceuticals, cause cancer. This is a two-part book by the investigative team who delivered, "How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol (And Kill You One Cell at a Time)". In Part One, you will discover how fungal toxins (and drugs made from fungal toxins) interrupt normal cell replication and lead to cancer. In Part Two, the current Dark Age of medicine is unveiled with light shed on the process that keeps both patients and physicians in the blind about the causes and cures for cancer. What makes life a joy is quality of life – a bright facile mind and a healthy body. This book will give you the simple information you need to live long, prosper and never fear the word "cancer" again! 168 pages.

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