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  • HERP-B-GONE-1st Line of Defense (one 2 oz jar in a discreet package)

    • Providing the relief you are looking for, HBG Red-Top is a safe, powerful, fast-acting and soothing topical balm. 
    • Speeds healing and prevents outbreaks. 
    • Number 1 choice of thousands of satisfied customers, HBG Red-Top is a precise combination of natural ingredients proven highly-effective in the treatment of the Herpes virus.
    • Formulated by Hannah Yoseph, MD with all-natural ingredients and FDA-approved BHT. 
    • Works in synergy with Green-Top Sensual Lube and Blue-Top HBG3. GENEROUS 2-oz. jar. A little goes a long way!
    • We protect your privacy: Shipped in a DISCREET box with easy-to-remove labels on jar. 
    • All orders processed within 24 hours. We ship daily. Saturday shipments for orders placed before 11 am CST.

    Each batch of HERP-B-GONE soothing balm is made with pure essential oils and ingredients known to suppress or destroy the Herpes virus. HERP-B-GONE has been specially formulated by Hannah Yoseph, MD (producer of the movie "Wisdom's House" and author of numerous popular self-help medical books available at Amazon). 

    Directions: All ingredients are non-toxic and can be safely applied with the first signs of outbreak and continued until symptom free. HERP-B-GONE comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee.


    "I have been using HBG's 3 products's been a year and zero outbreaks since then! Zero! Amazing!" - Andy P.

    "I purchased this about six months ago, and used it as soon as I had a breakout. The breakout only lasted a few days, and this product really reduced the discomfort. So far I have not had another breakout, and I usually had them every 2 months." - Robert

    "Unbelievable how well this works when nothing else does. Amazed and thankful." - D.D.

    "...I'm pleasantly surprised. From the reviews I thought it might actually work, but I didn't expect it to be that fast. My outbreaks aren't severe, but they always last at least a week. I will be keeping plenty of this on hand from now on." - JB Mom

    "Terrific product! Works beautifully. Keeps skin soft while healing." - Jann R.

    "I had a major outbreak; my first; and as the doctor said "the worse I have seen." If I could post photos, they would be graphic in nature, as the sores did develop into massive deep ulcers. I tried everything "natural' and RX, but nothing helped!....I kept applying as directed; w/in one week, my ulcers went from ONE massive ulcer, made up of 5 or so ulcers, and started to revert back into individual ulcers. Also, the ulcers started to close up and naturally the pain went away with it. Because the ulcers were so deep and so massive, I am still applying and still seeing results... HERPBGONE works!!!!!!!" - JayBee

    "Great product!!!!!!!...It starts working instantly....I use it three times a week for three weeks and no more problems for nine months. - R. Cruse

    "A miracle. Noticed and felt results literally instantly. Nothing compares and I've tried almost everything." - L.G.

    "It is wonderful. I always get a rash on my hip following a nerve condition. A prescription is the only thing that seems to help but a few days it will reappear sometimes. I ordered HBG to see if it would help the problem and it did. It took it about 7 days and the rash is completely gone. I only try products that Amazon sells because they have a 30 day money back guarantee if the product does not perform as stated on the web site. Try this product and I think you will be completely amazed on the results. I never want to be without this product!!" - M.B.

    "I knew I was getting a Breakout, I could just feel it, but I was out of medication. I had no time to get to my doctor. I ordered this stuff! Of course my Breakout was already in effect when it was delivered but I used it for just two days and it was gone. This stuff works." - S. Nicole

    "This product really works. I was getting outbreaks every other week, but since using it on a regular basis, I have been outbreak-free for 4 months." - C.C. 

    "This is a great product. Used it at first symptom and the result was instant relief." - A.N.

    "Wonderful potion of natural ingredients easy to use, apply and absorbs well. Sellers are beyond awesome. Much appreciation for this great product." - lam

    "I was very pleased with the results, It only took 2 days to show much improvement in healing a breakout of HV2 I plan on using this product as preventive measures as well (2-3 a week)." - jloso

    "Seriously this stuff works...I've been using it for only 2 days on a bad breakout and already it's almost gone. Who knows how... But seriously if you're gonna get one get this one. Worth the 20$." - A.C.

    "Great product works to cut outbreaks in half the time. Has a nice smell and really works to control outbreaks. Highly recommend." - Jim

    "The product came in a handy container and easy to apply. I administered it to affected area and within 3 to 4 days the small sore in my private parts was gone! I surely hope that this was due to the product and not just a short and mild episode of my condition. I suffer these outbreaks at least once a year and have been diagnosed with genital herpes." - Robert S.

    "I bought this because I got a terrible cold sore. It took awhile to get here and my cold sore was almost gone by the time it arrived, but my husband got a cold sore the day it arrived. He used this throughout the day for 2 days and it was completely gone!!! This stuff really works! Better than a prescription!" - Amesue

    "This is by far the best product I have used thus far!!!" - Terry

    "I had excellent results with this...Highly recommended!" - M. Starr

    "Well packaged and seems to be working for shingles." - Hilda B.

    "I have a new blister that shows on my lip. very painful. It came out for the second time 2 days after I bought this product. I put it on, and the next day it was gone. The first time I had it, it lasted for like 2 very long weeks. I am amazed, and thinking about all the natural remedies they won't let us touch.....and compared to the one I use normally, It's much much cheaper. So happy I took a chance on it." - A.C.